Feminist and Feminism: What You Need To Know

Agreed!!! Stay tuned for my opinion on the dreaded -F word!

Anxiety Killed the Cat

In the past few days I have had time to think about what it means to be a feminist and why spreading awareness on the issue is so important to me. Every time I hear someone (even women) say “I’m not a feminist because…” insert whatever really uninformed reason here, usually it’s “because I don’t hate men!” Or “Because I like shaving!” or “Because men and women are supposed to be equals!” The last one if you didn’t already know is the definition of feminism. So what seems to be the problem that people have with the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes? Why are people so frightened by a word that literally means equality of all people regardless of sex? I know what you’re thinking, maybe they don’t understand or maybe they are close minded on the issue because they think that feminism is some weird secret…

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