No More Judgement… No More Hate.

I’m sure enough people are sick of the Mike Brown rants, raves, opinions, etc…. but that’s not EXACTLY what this is. I want to touch on the situation slightly. I know I haven’t been posting much, but life got real with senior year and for that I apologize and I will become much more active.

I would like to add a disclaimer early. As much as I DO NOT agree with the outcome of the verdict that was the decision, and the way that Americans are acting in that city right now is insane. The evidence that was presented was all over the place, and if you have to vote based on the actual evidence that was given, and not based on hearsay, and not based on news media, then they did not vote unfairly. Once again, this is only my opinion.

I am however upset, dismayed, and tired of men who look like my family members killed, arrested, and lost in a system that I don’t believe is fair to them. Again, this is only my opinion and I do acknowledge that my opinion is not that of everyone. There is a privilege in America that some acknowledge and some don’t and it will always be there. There are instances where people try and give examples of outliers that may not have that privilege.

I pose a question…. how often were you in a dark area at night found yourself locking your door or being suspicious of a black male because it was late? This does not matter if you are black, white, old, young, male or female? The media does it, the mind does it… society does it…

Can we stop the judgement long enough to LOVE everybody? Regardless of color? I am speaking specifically to my black men… because as of TODAY…. right now… THEY need it…. I love each and every one of you. 🙂

In closing I’m going to add a poem I wrote almost 6 months ago (Very rarely will you see me add my poems on this blog… I have an entirely separate blog for that.)…. 10 Things I want to Say To Our Black Men Inspired By Joshua Bennett’s 10 Things I Want To Say To Our Black Women.

  1.        I wish I could take the black velvet in your voice and hold it for ransom, so that every night before I go to bed you could whisper sweet nothings into my dreams and fight off every bad guy that has inhabited my voice. I want you to destroy all of my demons with the bass in your vocal cords and using the microphone of your smile, I want you to promise me infinity… you are king….
  2.        The stride in your walk, and the confidence in your stance arouse me. It reminds me of all of the reasons that you are my lion and that you will always protect your pride. Darling you are the king of this jungle known as life and my dear black man, I know that you will be taking over.  Every person you encounter will be impacted by your grace, and everything you touch will turn into ebony…. You sir…. Are a rare commodity.
  3.        Who else can raise the black queens society needs? Noone can show women what they deserve if they aren’t taught it growing up. Black men stand up! You are able to turn lives around with a simple held open door, you are able to prevent our young black women from being afraid of love if the person who is supposed to love them from day 1 stays around.
  4.        In the darkness of night I can spot the smooth chocolate skin of the men that I have fallen in love with…. Your skin reminds me of everything that has my heart… the lyrics across a page that I spill my secrets into… the nighttime sky that holds my thoughts when sleep just does not want to visit me….and even smooth chocolate that everyone is raised to fall in love with….
  5.   People are quick to take your name in vain my most praised black man… people are quick to call you a thug, a gangter, or a nigga… but we must defy all stereotypes and let them know “YOU DID NOT COME HERE BY CHOICE!” they brought you into this country and now my men you are here to takeover. No more shall they judge you because of your slang, because regardless of how you speak you are still your own man, and we still love you. I am sorry for the woman who told you that you never will… and the teacher who gave up on you… I apologize for the judgemental eyes that lock doors when you pass, because people were always taught to fear what they don’t understand… but you are not meant to be understood….. because you are perfection
  6.         Your hands heal wounds, builds mountains, creates dreams, and touches the moon… any and everything that you do will always be remembered, because you are remarkable.
  7.        You are the sound of a newborn, reminding a mother that love always exists….
  8.        When we are married, I will stand by you as your black queen ensuring that our household is happy, and that there is nothing you can possibly want. Together we will build hope for our future, and remind others that anything is possible. We will join as one and make love until there is nothing else to make… baby we will be what everyone admires…
  9.     Black man… ignore the lies that have been formed… ignore the ridicule that you WILL face. Don’t fall into a stereotype that you did not help build. Stand up chest out, and prove to everyone why we love our black men…
  10.   ……we need you NOW more than ever…. Our dear black men…..