The -F Word *covers mouth dramatically*

Yes! Two posts in one day! Who knows… it may be three. I keep trying to convince you guys I’m not in control of my thoughts. Well now I want to keep it simple and discuss…. feminism. *gasps* yes. the -F word that sends trembles through even the strongest people, but that’s where people have it confused. People equate feminism with man hating, she women who think that we can lift cars and fly or some other super human insane things.

Okay well if I put enough thought into it… I’m sure I could, but come on people! Feminism is simply believing EVERY person is equal regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. Although many believe that will never be possible… if we STOPPED thinking in terms of outward appearances maybe it could be. The same goes for women. We can’t one day say “I’m a woman treat me equal”, and then the next say “I’m a woman, treat me as such” Sorry I’m all for contradictions, but let’s put that one back in the top drawer and close it back, lock it, flush the key, and never go look for it again.

Feminism is not about hating men. In fact I appreciate our men. I appreciate what they do for us. I completely agree we should be equal across ALL spectrums but I must say I appreciate my black men for raising black women to believe they are just as equal as every other woman because society does not equate them as such.

Now, next time you drop the -F bomb… let’s not picture “she-man men haters” but let’s picture everybody of all races, genders, and sexualities holding hands and singing kumbuyah! Pretty nice image right??

Until next time guys 🙂 Nikki Ouuuuuut 🙂