10 Things I Hate About Black Greek Life

It’s articles such as this that turn people away from black greek life. Yes! Everyone is open to their opinion, but when you are OPENLY telling people why NOT to join and leaving out ALL of the positives reasons behind greek life maybe the reasonings behind your joings were skewed…. yes some things should be done better… no everything isn’t perfect… but the media doesn’t help our portrayal. Black greeks contribute to society on a daily basis! We give back, we make a difference, in house arguing DOESN’T matter. If we don’t change our media image and perception… how can we expect anyone else to see us ANY different?!- Signed a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated Member who LOVES and PRIDES herself on being a member of BLACK GREEK LIFE!

Our Legaci

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By Guest Writer Tameka Floetic Prodigy Dean

I’m writing this for anyone who is considering Greek Life as a warning to not conform to the foolishness that has managed to seep into Historically Black Greek-Lettered Organizations. I respect all the organizations for their initial purpose and I by no means ever regret being apart of what I think is one of the greatest influences in my life, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. However, please know these views I’m about to express have been on my mind since before I became Greek and explains why many are turned off from Greek Life or fail to respect those who become apart of these organizations.

With that said, I encourage people who join to be INDIVIDUALS who are apart of what they believe to be something greater or in alignment with…

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