Have you thought today?

Who knows how often I’ll blog? Some days I have a million things going through my head at once. But I do have a challenge for my readers! Take at least 7 minutes out of your day to think! No one around, no phone, no TV, *possible music* and think! Just bask in all the thoughts you have. I’m not talking about any heavy meditating or anything, just thinking. Don’t control your thoughts. Just let them come. Who knows? You could come up with something great? A poem? A new idea? A paper idea? a career move? It’s just your time, and great thing about it you can do it anywhere, now I wouldn’t advise you to do it in class but say you’re riding the bus, put in your headphones (cover your purse) and go into your own mental paradise.

I tend to do this alot, more often than not. I have a really interested mind I can tell you guys that. I think my thoughts would throw the grumpiest old man into a fit of giggles. Sometimes I imagine a gang full of butterflies attacking the person sitting slumped in the corner and wrapping themselves around her in a hug making her bust into a smile, but it’d probably be my luck she’d be terrified of butterflies and then my optimism wouldn’t be of benefit… but it’d still be kind of funny.

Well I leave you with this today… Have you thought today?!


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