Going back to zero is not that bad

Cydney Conquers Life

IMG_6767.PNG(Photo not mine. @arriane_ on ig)
I am very thrilled, oh no not just thrilled but ecstatic to go back to reviewing for the boards. I remembered crying for days after failing my first take. I became very jealous of people congratulating each other that it even made me deactivate my Facebook account. My silly bitter self. (Deleting fb app on my device actually saved me a lot of memory and drama from people whom I don’t really know personally. But then I installed it back so I could update my relatives by uploading tons of Russell’s photos) I remember how I pressured myself to pass the board exams because I believe that this exam could change my life. I imagined that after passing the boards, I would have a decent job and I would be able to help robin with the expenses. We would have enough savings to buy…

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